Potibot Twitch Basic Chatbot Usage

How To Use Potibot Chatbot?

The best twitch live viewers service's basic chatbot is now free for the clients. In a few steps you can make your chat more active.

twitch chat bot

Prepare Your Chat Content For General Chat

You can add random comments in the chat content area. Potibot chatbots will use them randomly in chat. Also, you can change the chat content when you are live and this is available on Potibot, only.
If you don't want custom chat content, you can keep the content empty.
If emote chat and custom chat are active both, chatbots choose randomly one of them for each message and send the messages to your chat between 1-2 minutes.

Enable Greetings and Emote Chat

If you want emotes in your chat just activate it 🙂 Also potibot's chatbot can greet you, when they join the chat.

twitch chat bot

Join Chat with Greetings

If you want chatbots to greet you, you can enable "Greetings Active" option.

Emoote Chat

If you enable "Emote Active" option, chatbots send random emootes to your chat.

Manage Your Chatter Count

You can increase your chatter count on the fly.

You can increase or decrease your chatters count according to your stream content.

twitch chat bot
twitch chat bot

Change Your Chat Setting on Twitch

Our viewers have realistic profiles but they don't follow the clients' channels. So, you should make a configration on your chat settings.

Close "Followers-Only Chat"

Our chatbots don't follow you, so you should set off your "Followers-Only Chat" option.