Twitch Live Viewers FAQS

When you buy a twitch live viewers plan, our viewers will join your stream automatically. Most Twitch users prefer to watch the streamers who are watched by other users. You will be noticeable thanks to our viewers and they will help you to get organic viewers.

After purchase our viewers will join you stream automatically. You can reduce or close them from your dashboard.

Twitch Live Viewers join the streams between 1-20 minutes automatically and slowly as organic viewers after the stream is started.

When you order a plan, we create an access key for your channel and send it via email. You can log in with that access key from the login panel.

Do not worry. Potibot, never ever renew plans automatically. You should renew your plans manually.

We offer a discount for each monthly renewal plan. Discounts are available for 7 days after the last plan is finished. To benefit from a discount, you should send an email to [email protected]

Unfortunately, after the customer orders any service, if the order is activated or benefited from the service, the customer can not change the channel name.

All Services rendered by Provider are refundable within 3 days under these conditions (Only for weekly and monthly services):
– The user has not yet activated or benefited from any of our provided services.
– The user has not claimed a refund before.

If you typed your channel name wrongly, don’t worry. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with details. Our support team after checking and will fix it for you.